Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Aging Studies

Certificate in Aging Studies

When Students will participate in class instruction and discussion through Blackboard on a weekly basis. On average, students can expect to participate in four evening face- to-face learning and collaboration sessions at RHEC.
Average Time to Complete Students attending full-time can expect to complete this program in as quickly as one year (two semesters). Students attending part-time, maintaining a course load of three to four credit hours per semester can expect to complete the program in 3.5 years (7 semesters).

About the Program

VCU | Certificate | Hybrid – The Department of Gerontology serves the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation by providing educational programs related to the understanding of aging and promoting optimal aging. The department encourages education through the discovery of new knowledge, interdisciplinary interaction, professional behavior, and service to the aging network. The department’s primary focus is to prepare individuals for positions in the network of aging services. These individuals are educated to serve as supporters of optimal aging for older persons and families and caregivers. The certificate program provides quality education leading to career enhancements for services providers, educators, and researchers. The certificate program is also appropriate for individuals who desire to enhance their personal understanding of aging and elderhood. The department also provides assistance and services to the community and engages in research and scholarly activities related to gerontology.

Studying at RHEC provides a unique opportunity for face-to-face interaction to distance students. By participating in classes in this hybrid fashion, students are able to make connections with other students, alumni, and community partners in a way that is not typical for distance education.

Career Paths

  • Administrative Gerontology (e.g., Assisted Living, Long Term Care, or other Aging Service Agency Administration)
  • Educational Gerontology (e.g., Teaching, Training, Community Education)
  • Entrepreneurial Gerontology
  • Policy/Advocacy (Local, State, National)
  • Social Services and Geriatric Care Management
  • Professional direct care

Courses & Requirements

21 credit hours | Course Checklist

  • Understand the biological, psychological, and sociological underpinnings of aging in U.S. society as established by the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education core competencies.
  • Gain understanding and respect for the interdisciplinary team process in effective gerontological practice.
  • Through a lifespan biopsychosocial spiritual approach, gain an understanding of empirically and theoretically based components contributing to optimal quality of life and performance in late life as well as knowledge and skills in best practices to promote optimal aging across the life span.

Student Support

We know the path to higher education can be daunting, which is why we’re here to help.

As a student of the Roanoke Higher Education Center, you will have access to:

  • Library collections and services
  • Computer lab with printer/copier
  • Student lounge with high-speed wireless Internet
  • Cafe serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Free parking with a student parking pass

As a student of VCU, you will have access to:

  • Library Services: Databases, Inter-library loan, Off-campus delivery to distance students
  • Division of Academic Success: requesting accommodations, study skills, tutoring, and other academic support
  • VCU Health Writing Center: Assistance with professional academic writing
  • Scholarships available to qualifying Certificate in Aging Studies students

How to Apply

All Students must apply through the VCU Graduate School website. We accept applications in all semesters of study. All students will need:

  • 3 letters of reference
  • Personal Essay
  • Transcripts
  • Application fee of $70
  • In-State Residency form, if applicable
  • Resume

All documents must be uploaded or submitted to the VCU Graduate School.

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