Graduate Course

Music for Special Learners

Average Time to Complete 16 weeks (one semester)

About the Program

JMU | Online – The students will become familiar with general educational issues and music education trends affecting special learners in the United States. Questions about music education teaching and learning will be covered, and students will be introduced to variations in language ability, assessment, inclusion, and music education in a diverse world.

The class will develop a sense of community online through reading and posting to discussion forums and communicating regarding case study and video presentations. Students will become knowledgeable in the areas of language, motor, visual, and social development, connecting current research and theory about special learners in music education to classroom practice.

Courses & Requirements

3 Credit Hours

Cost & Financial Aid

$  291.00 per credit hour; In-state

$  301.00 per credit hour; Out-of-state

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