Average Time to Complete 3 months to 1 year

About the Program

TAP | On-site – TAP’s SwiftStart program gives working parents in southwestern Virginia career pathways to secure higher-wage jobs by helping them obtain affordable, high-quality early childcare while attending skills training for careers in health care, information technology, and advanced manufacturing.

Career Paths

Credentials participants will earn vary according to training track but may include:

  • Comp-TIA A+
  • MCSA
  • NIMS certifications
  • AWS certifications
  • EMT-B
  • LPN
  • and more

Courses & Requirements

TAP’s SwiftStart program gives more working parents in southwestern Virginia career pathways to secure higher-wage jobs by helping them find and acquire affordable, quality child care while attending skills training programs. Designed to move systems toward a “whole family” model by integrating child-focused and parent-focused two-generation systems, SwiftStart provides education/job training services to low- and middle- skilled parents with child care responsibilities to help them pursue or advance in, middle- to high-skilled, full-time employment.


There is no direct cost for this program, although we may not be able to cover 100% of training or child care costs in every circumstance or for every career track. We will however work with each participant and a range of community partners to reduce overall barriers, including financial barriers, to a level that facilitates full and successful participation in the program.

Student Support

We know the path to higher education can be daunting, which is why we’re here to help.

As a student of the Roanoke Higher Education Center, you will have access to:

  • Library collections and services
  • Computer lab with printer/copier
  • Student lounge with high-speed wireless Internet
  • Cafe serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Free parking with a student parking pass

TAP’s programs are designed to offer career and educational opportunities with low-income people and their families in mind. While programs can vary, the strategies and resources TAP programs collectively offer cover a wide range of needs:

  • Classes and workshops to prepare students for tests and certifications (incl. GED)
  • Coaches and advisors
  • Job placement partnerships with local employers

How to Apply

Parents currently participating in Head Start or Early Head Start should ask their Family Development Specialist for a referral to a SwiftStart Career Mentor.

Parents in the Roanoke Area: Contact Carolyn Coles at carolyn.coles@tapintohope.org or call 540-819-9644.

Employers in healthcare, information technology and advanced manufacturing interested in the program for new hires or training of incumbent workers should contact the project director, Charysse Hairston, at charysse.hairston@tapintohope.org or 540-892-7438.

For more information on this program, visit https://www.tapintohope.org/SwiftStart.aspx