The Roanoke Higher Education Center Foundation, Inc. was formed on December 31, 1998 to assist the Roanoke Higher Education Authority to expand access to higher education in the Roanoke Valley by providing for adult and continuing education and degree-granting programs, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs through partnerships with the Commonwealth’s public and private institutions of higher education. For more information about The Roanoke Higher Education Center Foundation, Inc., contact the Executive Director of the Roanoke Higher Education Center at 540-767-6007.


RHEC Foundation Members

Senator John S. Edwards – Senate of Virginia
Mr. Robert Archer – Blue Ridge Beverage Co., Inc.
Ms. Jeanne Armentrout – Carilion Clinic
Mr. Kevin Bloomfield – Bloomfield Partners, LLC
Dr. Melissa Lubin – James Madison University
Mr. Charles A. Price – Roanoke, VA
Mr. Michael Wray – Roanoke, VA
Mr. J. Randolph Garrett, III – BB&T
Mrs. Connie Carmack – Pittsburgh, PA
Dr. Thomas L. Mckeon – Former RHEC Executive Director
Mr. Frank C. Martin – Hall Associates
Dr. Kay Dunkley – RHEC Executive Director
Mrs. Lori Van Curen – RHEC Director of Finance & Administration
Mrs. Dana Horan – RHEC Executive Assistant