• Support the Roanoke Higher Education Center’s strategic vision and broaden its base of support.
  • Enhance continuous learning experiences, create facility improvements, and expand opportunities by cultivating partnerships and maximizing resources with fiscal integrity.
  • Promote new ideas of entrepreneurship and continuous improvement of programs, degrees, certificates, and endorsements.
  • Develop and maintain a level of support to the Roanoke Higher Education Center on an ongoing basis.
  • Respond to the needs of the community as it concerns talent development and job growth.
  • Create partnerships with businesses and industries.

Areas of Financial Need:

Operational: Unrestricted funds utilized for everyday use to address the needs of day-to-day operations.

Capital: Involves changes in the Center’s physical plant, such as renovations and upgrades that are not funded through state, higher education equipment trust, or capital maintenance reserve funding.

Endowment: Establish a permanent fund to benefit operations or to support a specific program.

Fundraising Projects:

  • Unrestricted Gifts – to further the mission of the Authority
  • Career Center Funding – to assist students and workers, employees, and employers in the region
  • Scholarship Funding – to provide tuition assistance to attend classes at RHEC in collaboration with partner institutions
  • Innovation Funding – to provide seed money to encourage and incentivize new program development in collaboration with partner institutions

For inquiries regarding the priorities, contact:

Roanoke Higher Education Center Foundation Board of Directors

Senator John S. Edwards | Chair
Dr. Kay Dunkley | President
Kaitlyn Van Buskirk | Development Officer
Lori Van Curen, CPFO | Treasurer
Alexandra Thacker | Secretary
Dr. Sarah K. MacDonald | Institutional Representative

Robert Archer
Jeanne Armentrout
Jack Avis
Esteban Duran-Ballen
John P. Fishwick, Jr.
Catherine Greenberg
Daniel P. Harrington
Jim McAden
Dr. Thomas L. McKeon
Tyler Nguyen
Samuel Oakey IV
Brian G. Powell
Charles A. Price
Michael Wray