• Support the Roanoke Higher Education Center’s strategic vision and broaden its base of support.
  • Enhance continuous learning experiences, create facility improvements, and expand opportunities by cultivating partnerships and maximizing resources with fiscal integrity.
  • Promote new ideas of entrepreneurship and continuous improvement of programs, degrees, certificates, and endorsements.
  • Develop and maintain a level of support to the Roanoke Higher Education Center on an ongoing basis.
  • Respond to the needs of the community as it concerns talent development and job growth.
  • Create partnerships with businesses and industries.

Areas of Financial Need:

Operational: Unrestricted funds utilized for everyday use to address the needs of day-to-day operations.

Capital: Involves changes in the Center’s physical plant, such as renovations and upgrades that are not funded through state, higher education equipment trust, or capital maintenance reserve funding.

Endowment: Establish a permanent fund to benefit operations or to support a specific program.

Fundraising Projects:

  • Unrestricted Gifts – to further the mission of the Authority
  • Career Center Funding – to assist students and workers, employees, and employers in the region
  • Scholarship Funding – to provide tuition assistance to attend classes at RHEC in collaboration with partner institutions
  • Innovation Funding – to provide seed money to encourage and incentivize new program development in collaboration with partner institutions

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Roanoke Higher Education Center Foundation Board of Directors

Senator John S. Edwards | Chair
Dr. Kay Dunkley | President
Kaitlyn Van Buskirk | Development Officer
Lori Van Curen, CPFO | Treasurer
Alexandra Thacker | Secretary
Dr. Melissa Lubin | Institutional Representative

Dr. William E. Amos
Robert Archer
Jeanne Armentrout
Jack Avis
John P. Fishwick, Jr.
J. Randolph Garrett III
Catherine Greenberg
Dr. Thomas L. McKeon
Charles A. Price
Michael Wray