Mission Statement

The Roanoke Higher Education Center develops partnerships and maintains a state-of-the-art facility that provides citizens of the Roanoke region access to training, certifications, and degrees.

Vision Statement

The Roanoke Higher Education Center, known throughout the Roanoke region as a dynamic learning community of colleges and organizations, responds to the evolving needs of the current and future workforce.

Our Impact on the Region

Through our operations and the impact of graduates who stay and work here, the Roanoke Higher Education Center generates nearly $32 million dollars in annual stimulus to the local economy and supports more than 300 local jobs. A study conducted in 2010 outlines the economic benefits we bring to the region.

We also assess the educational and training needs unique to this area and work to provide programs that meet the needs of our students and local employers.

Annual Reports

Annual reports outline the key advancements and accomplishments achieved by the Roanoke Higher Education Center during the respective fiscal year.

Strategic Plans

The following strategic plans show the goals and initiatives the Roanoke Higher Education Center set out in recent years as we work to increase educational opportunities in the region.