Roanoke Higher Education Center Staff

Name Title Phone Office Email

Kay Dunkley
Executive Director 540-767-6007 208E email

Carla James
Senior Director of Academic & Student Services 540-767-6010 201C email

Lori Van Curen
Director of Finance & Administration 540-767-6008 208C email

Jeremiah McMillan
Director of Facility Services 540-767-6005 117 email

Beth Avis
Receptionist 540-767-6021 Front Desk email
Cynthia Bryant Career Center Assistant 540-767-6043 206B email

Stephanie Coles
Receptionist 540-767-6021 Front Desk email
Annalee Fairley Library Clerk 540-767-6009 216A email
Gary Hiler Human Resources 540-767-6050 210A email

Celeste Holland
Receptionist 540-767-6021 Front Desk email
Lynn Hurt Educational Testing Assistant 540-767-6118 413 email
Habibo Isse Educational Testing Assistant 540-767-6118 413 email
Tiffany Jones Educational Testing Assistant 540-767-6118 413 email

Debra Lawson
Receptionist 540-767-6021 Front Desk email
Kimberly Mattson Student Success Center Coordinator 540-767-6014 206A email
Evan Malone Senior Accountant/Reporting Analyst 540-767-6004 208D email
Jeff Repass Senior Maintenance Technician 540-767-6025 117 email

Chris Shelton
Safety and Security Coordinator 540-767-6015 117 email

Deborah Snellings-Pate
Educational Testing Center Coordinator 540-767-6118 413 email
Cynthia Spahr Educational Testing Assistant 540-767-6118 413 email

Michelle Swanson
Accountant 540-767-6006 208B email

Alexandra Thacker
Executive Assistant 540-767-6028 210 email
Victoria Thomas Academic Program Assistant 540-767-6013 201 email

Eli Tilley
IT Technician 540-767-6074 201B email
Nguyen Tran IT System Administrator 540-767-6075 201A email

Kaitlyn Van Buskirk
Foundation Development Officer 540-767-6292 208A email
Jessica Yopp Library Associate 540-767-6016 216B email


Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6059 617

James Madison University

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6061 601
Amanda Murphy Site Director 808-446-1008
Richard Turner Site Coordinator, Professional and Continuing Education 540-556-1681

 Old Dominion University

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 1-800-482-3957 201
Kimberly Williams Community Engagement Coordinator 757-330-5674

 Radford University

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6190 510
Trisha Calhoun Site Coordinator 540-767-6190 510

 Radford University Nursing

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6182
Sharla Cooper Director of Nursing Undergraduate Recruitment 540-767-6188 816D

 Radford University Clinical Simulation Center

Name Title Phone Suite
Roy Baugher Clinical Simulation Center Administrative Specialist 540-767-6156 112B
Rickey Ballard Simulation Operations Specialist 113G
Christina Keller Director 540-767-6154 104A
Jamie Wagner Director of Operations 540-767-6154 104A

 Region 5 Adult Education

Name Title Phone Suite
Jessica Chenoweth Regional Program Manager 540-767-6215 402
Lea DeCosta Adult Education Regional Program Manager 540-767-6215 402
Andrea Gamber ESL Lead Teacher 403
John Lincoln Data Specialist 540-767-6134 403
Kim Mangels GED Instructor / NEDP
Clare Peters RCPS Program Coordinator 540-767-6134 403
Adriana Sanchez-Popoca Enrollment & Assessment Specialist 540-767-6202 403

 Sovah School of Health Professions

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6052 404
Dr. Elaine Nichols Director, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program 434-799-5457

 TAP – Head Start

Name Title Phone Suite
Head Start Main Office 540-767-6093 302
Charmaine Bonds HS Education Coordinator 540-767-6121 302C
Charisma Brown HS Education Coordinator 540-767-6116 302C
Shauna Bryant Whole Family Advocate Supervisor 540-767-6068 303H
Yesenia DeLa Cruz Director of HS/EHS 540-767-6069 303K
Kristy Delaney Training/Transition Coordinator 540-767-6084 303A
Nicole Dudding ERSEA Supervisor 540-767-6091 303E
Bridie Ekwall Administrative Office Manager 540-767-6070 303N
Courtney Elam EHS CCP Health/Disabilities Coordinator 540-762-1559 301A
Crystal Fernatt EHS Child Care Partnership 540-767-6126 301A
Ruth Hale Accounts Operations Technician 540-767-6081 303D
Katherine Johnson ERSEA Specialist 540-767-6094 302A
Meghan O’Brien-Steward EHS CCP Education Coordinator 540-767-6126 301A
Alexandra Pack Health Services Coordinator 540-767-6127 301B
Katey Peterson CCP Partnership Education Coordinator 540-767-6228 302C
Melissa Preston Supervisor of HS/EHS Education 540-767-6122 303F
Kenya Reed EHS Education Coordinator 540-767-6120 302C
Ivonne Rodriguez Health Aide 540-767-6126 301A
Brenda Taylor HS/EHS Administrative Assistant 540-767-6093 302
Terry Thomas HS/EHS Disability Coordinator 540-767-6124 302D
Stacey Vess ERSEA Specialist 540-767-6095 302A
Ramona Wray Assistant Director of HS/EHS 540-767-6071 303J

TAP – Project Discovery

Name Title Phone Suite
Lashanda Ellington Program Manager 540-767-6035 306
Lakisha Hunter Special Programs Specialist 540-355-8610 306
Scott Liptrap Program Manager 306
William Scharrer Interim Executive Director 540-556-1916 306
Angela Williams Program Compliance and Development Associate 306

TAP – This Valley Works

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6220 509
Spring Abney Healthcareers Training Coordinator 540-767-6219 609
June Bentley Information Processing 540-589-0100 509
Chris Chalk Pathway Home Career Mentor 540-913-0459 509A
Ora Dickerson WINGS Mental Health Navigator 540-977-8356 503A
Carrie Goodson WINGS Case Manager 540-824-0068 503C
Tia Graham Pathway Home Senior Career Mentor 540-915-3449 509E
Troy Gusler Whole Family Intake and Referral Manager 540-519-5876 503B
Jason Hariston Pathway Home Career Mentor 540-915-5193 509D
Djuan Hankins Youth Services Specialist 540-385-1445 517C
Nefateria Hash Girls United Coordinator 540-797-5189 517A
Alyssa Hogan HELP Coordinator 540-613-0048 514
Courtney McDaniel SVREC Support Counselor 540-767-6086 508
Jennifer Miller Pathway Home Senior Career Mentor 540-385-1358 509C
David Moore SwiftStart Project Manager 540-553-1454 509B
Jo Nelson Director of TVW 540-598-4219 513B
Brandi Reed SVREC/ Volunteer Coordinator 540-767-6086 508
John Reed Office Operations Manager 540-797-6387 513A
Nicole Ross Assistant Director TVW 540-354-2212 513C
Antonio Stovall AACCI Instructor 540-819-8828 517
Diana Talmadge CCMA Instructor 540-915-4512 619
Lateefah Trent Youth Services & Education Manager 540-986-6218 517B
Destinnee Vance Career Mentor – Pathways 540-819-9644 509B
Kimberly Williams SVREC Special Needs Coordinator 540-819-8654 508A

 Virginia Tech

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6100 702
Counseling Ed Main 540-767-6107 705B
Erin Doherty Administrative, Program & Marketing Coordinator 540-767-6101 701E
Martha Franklin Program Coordinator, COTA 540-767-6114 701G
Sally McQuinn Assistant Director, Roanoke Regional Initiatives 540-767-6096 701G
Don Pizzullo Senior Program Support Manager 540-767-6102
Ashley Sloan Thinkabit Instructor 540-767-6100
Scott Weimer Director 540-767-6103 701D

Virginia Tech Department of Psychology

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6046 122
Bengisu Nisa Aras Graduate Research Assistant
Martha Ann Bell University Distinguished Professor, Professor of Psychology 122
Kennedy Kreidell Graduate Research Assistant
Kaitlyn Rasnick HBCD Research Assistant 122
Cheyenne Williams HBCD Research Assistant 122

 Virginia Commonwealth University

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6060 502
Beverly George-Gay Assistant Director of Clinical Education 804-828-9808
Annette Clark RHEC- Dept. of Gerontology Program Liaison 540-330-5066
Amanda Alley Graduate Student Services Administrator 804-828-6739

Virginia State University

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6213 610

 Virginia Western Community College

Name Title Phone Suite
Lora Beckner Culinary Art Administrative Assistant 540-857-6346 Claude Moore Education Complex
Tanida Custer Adjunct 540-857-6162 Claude Moore Education Complex
Ted Polfelt Faculty 540-857-6285 Claude Moore Education Complex
John Schopp Faculty 540-857-6140 Claude Moore Education Complex
Wade Taylor Lab Tech/Admin 540-857-6162 Claude Moore Education Complex
James Zeisler Faculty 540-857-6331 Claude Moore Education Complex

 Virginia Utility Protection Service

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-985-9355 312
Rob Hogan Manager of IT 540-815-1472
Shana Linthicum Head of Service & Communications 540-798-5292
Diana Stokes Manager of Operations 540-355-7335