Roanoke Higher Education Center Staff

Name Title Phone Office Email

Kay Dunkley
Executive Director 540-767-6007 208E email

Carla James
Senior Director of Academic & Student Services 540-767-6010 201C email

Lori Van Curen
Director of Finance & Administration 540-767-6008 208C email

Jeremiah McMillan
Director of Facility Services 540-767-6005 117 email

Beth Avis
Receptionist 540-767-6021 Front Desk email

Stephanie Coles
Receptionist 540-767-6021 Front Desk email
Gary Hiler Human Resources 540-767-6050 210A email

Celeste Holland
Receptionist 540-767-6021 Front Desk email
Lynn Hurt Educational Testing Assistant 540-767-6118 413 email

Christopher Jones
Maintenance Technician 540-767-6003 117 email
Tiffany Jones Educational Testing Assistant 540-767-6118 413 email

Debra Lawson
Receptionist 540-767-6021 Front Desk email
Kimberly Mattson Student Success Center Coordinator 540-767-6014 206A email
Chase McDaniel Educational Testing Assistant 540-767-6118 413 email
Evan Malone Senior Accountant/Reporting Analyst 540-767-6004 208D email

Lorraine Nash
Academic Program Assistant 540-767-6013 201 email

Cherie Reich
Library Assistant 540-767-6009 216A email
Jeff Repass Senior Maintenance Technician 540-767-6025 117 email

Chris Shelton
Safety and Security Coordinator 540-767-6015 115E email

Deborah Snellings-Pate
Educational Testing Center Coordinator 540-767-6118 413 email
Cynthia Spahr Educational Testing Assistant 540-767-6118 413 email

Michelle Swanson
Accountant 540-767-6006 208B email

Alexandra Thacker
Executive Assistant 540-767-6028 210 email

Eli Tilley
IT Technician 540-767-6074 201B email
Nguyen Tran IT System Administrator 540-767-6075 201A email

Kaitlyn Van Buskirk
Foundation Development Officer 540-767-6292 208A email
Jessica Yopp Library Associate & Webmaster 540-767-6016 216B email

Dabney S. Lancaster Community College

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6289 810

 James Madison University

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6061 813
Amanda Murphy Site Director 808-446-1008
Richard Turner Site Coordinator, Professional and Continuing Education 540-556-1681
Carol Fleming Assistant Dean, Professional and Continuing Education 540-568-8987

 Old Dominion University

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6180 809
Terri Wheaton Director of Student Coaching and Advising 540-857-6976

Project Discovery

Name Title Phone Suite
Lashanda Ellington Program Manager 540-767-6035 507
Lakisha Hunter Special Programs Specialist 540-355-8610 507
Scott Liptrap Program Manager 507
William Scharrer Interim Executive Director 540-556-1916 507
Angela Williams Program Compliance and Development Associate 507

 Radford University

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6190 510
Trisha Calhoun Administrative Assistant 540-767-6191 510
Christie Norris-Bowling RU MSW Coordinator, Roanoke 540-767-6194 603

 Radford University Nursing

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6182 307
Sharla Cooper Associate Professor 540-767-6188 307M

 Radford University Clinical Simulation Center

Name Title Phone Suite
Roy Baugher Clinical Simulation Center Administrative Specialist 540-767-6156 112B
Lisa Foote Clinical Simulation Center Co-Coordinator 540-767-6158 104A
Christina Keller Educator and Co-Coordinator 540-767-6154 104A
Devon Nicely Clinical Simulation Center Co-Coordinator 540-767-6154 104A

 Region 5 Adult Education

Name Title Phone Suite
Lea DeCosta Adult Education Regional Program Manager 540-767-6134 403
Andrea Gamber ESL Lead Teacher 403
John Lincoln Data Specialist 540-767-6134 403
Kim Mangels GED Instructor / NEDP
Clare Peters RCPS Program Coordinator 540-767-6202 403
Chelsey Strother Enrollment & Assessment Specialist 540-767-6134 403

TAP – This Valley Works

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6220 509
Spring Abney Healthcareers Training Coordinator 540-767-6219 609
Carolyn Coles SwiftStart Two Gen Coordinator 540-819-9644 509D
Troy Gusler Whole Family Intake and Follow Up Manager 540-767-6030 517B
Charysse Hairston SwiftStart Assistant Project Manager/RESTORE Project Manager 540-892-7438 509B
Teresa Mabry GED Instructor 540-767-6087 501
David Moore SwiftStart Project Manager 540-553-1454 509B
Jo Nelson TVW Director 540-598-4219 508
Callie Thompson Project Discovery Specialist 540-767-6299 503C
Angela Williams Youth & Education Services Manager 540-798-0120 503B
Kimberly Williams SwiftStart Career Mentor 540-819-8654 509E

 TAP – Head Start

Name Title Phone Suite
Head Start Main Office 540-767-6093 302
Charmaine Bonds HS Education Coordinator 540-767-6121 302C
Charisma Brown HS Education Coordinator 540-767-6116 302C
Yesenia DeLa Cruz Director of HS/EHS 540-767-6069 303K
Kristy Delaney Training/Transition Coordinator 540-767-6084 303A
Courtney Elam EHS CCP Health/Disabilities Coordinator 540-762-1559 301A
Crystal Fernatt EHS Child Care Partnership 540-767-6126 301A
Terenia Fields Information Processing Coordinator 540-767-6082 303C
Sue Frankel EHS CCP Health/Disabilities Coordinator 540-767-6078 302C
Ruth Hale Accounts Operations Technician 540-767-6081 303D
Letia Harris Family Services Coordinator 540-767-6090 302A
Stephaney Hernandez Acting ERSEA Supervisor 540-767-6091 306
Kristin Lynn Behavioral Health Coordinator 540-767-6125 302D
Barbara Martin HS/EHS Administrative Office Manager 540-767-6077 303G
Leah McMahan ERSEA Coordinator 540-767-6094 302B
Meghan O’Brien-Steward EHS CCP Education Coordinator 540-767-6126 301A
Katey Peterson CCP Partnership Education Coordinator 540-767-6228 302C
Melissa Preston Supervisor of HS/EHS Education 540-767-6122 303F
Kenya Reed EHS Education Coordinator 540-767-6120 302C
Deanna Simon Health Services Coordinator 540-977-8357 302A
Brenda Taylor HS/EHS Administrative Assistant 540-767-6093 302
Terry Thomas HS/EHS Disability Coordinator 540-767-6124 302D
Tara Tinsley ERSEA Enrollment Specialist 540-767-6033 306
Angela Williams Supervisor of Family Services 540-767-6068 303H
Elsie Witcher Education Coordinator 540-767-6078 302C
Ramona Wray Assistant Director of HS/EHS 540-767-6071 303J

 Virginia Tech

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6100 702
Counseling Ed Main 540-767-6107 705B
Nick Bilbro Evening Support Technician 540-767-6226
Martha Franklin Program Coordinator, COTA 540-767-6114 701G
Sally McQuinn Assistant Director, Roanoke Regional Initiatives 540-767-6096 701G
Don Pizzullo Senior Program Support Manager 540-767-6102
Ashley Sloan Thinkabit Instructor 540-767-6100
Scott Weimer Director 540-767-6103 701D

 Virginia Commonwealth University

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-767-6060
Beverly George-Gay Assistant Director of Clinical Education 804-828-9808
Annette Clark RHEC- Dept. of Gerontology Program Liaison 540-330-5066
Amanda Alley Graduate Student Services Administrator 804-828-6739

 Virginia Western Community College

Name Title Phone Suite
Lora Beckner Culinary Art Administrative Assistant 540-857-6346 Claude Moore Education Complex
Ted Polfelt Faculty 540-857-6285 Claude Moore Education Complex
John Schopp Faculty 540-857-6140 Claude Moore Education Complex
James Zeisler Faculty 540-857-6331 Claude Moore Education Complex

 Virginia Utility Protection Service

Name Title Phone Suite
Main Office 540-985-9355 312
Rob Hogan Manager of IT 540-815-1472
Shana Linthicum Head of Service & Communications 540-798-5292
Jackie Stern Head of Talent 540-761-5812
Diana Stokes Manager of Operations 540-355-7335