A Statement on These Tumultuous Times

by Senator John S. Edwards, Chairman of the Board
and Kay Dunkley, Executive Director

Our nation is facing a crisis, enduring the horrific killings of African-Americans George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others. This is prompting numerous protests all over the country and the world. Many members of our community are outraged and traumatized by these events.

Despite our ideals of freedom, justice, and equality, we are faced with the reality of falling short. From the additional marked disparities in COVID-19 illnesses and death across racial, ethnic, and economic lines, to the effect of racism on our systems of justice, we need to work together to confront and end all of these injustices.

Our Gainsboro neighborhood, where Roanoke was born, was once the economic and cultural center of our African-American community. This is an important part of the heritage that now includes the Roanoke Higher Education Center.

We at the Roanoke Higher Education Center want to become a more just, inclusive, and equitable community that prepares the next generation to lead us to a new and better world.

Let us all strive to be part of creating a model for a more equitable society for the new generation.