Certificate in Crime Analysis

Crime Analysis Certificate

Offered by: Radford University
Type: Certificates
Format: Hybrid

About the Program

Crime analysis is a criminal justice occupational field that engages in the systematic analysis of data from a wide variety of sources in order to provide information about the patterns and trends of crimes in a locality, state, or nation. The work product of a crime analyst can be used to inform tactical and strategic decision-making, support investigative efforts, assist in the study of resource needs, and facilitate the development of criminal justice policy.

Courses & Requirements

15 credit hours

CRJU 670. Criminal Justice Research Methods (3)
CRJU 671. Quantitative Methods in Criminal Justice Research (3)
CRJU 672. Applications in Crime Analysis
CRJU 673. Crime Mapping (3)
CRJU 676. Environmental Criminology (3)

The curriculum includes coursework in environmental criminology, research methods, statistics, and crime mapping.

Cost & Financial Aid

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Non-Degree Seeking Students

As a general rule, those who are admitted as a non-degree-seeking student are not eligible for financial aid.  Federal regulations do require a student to be working towards a degree to be eligible to receive financial aid funds. There are two exceptions to this regulation, if you are enrolled in an intial required teacher certification program for the state in which you will teach, or if you are taking prerequisite coursework required for admission to a degree program at Radford University. If you think you may qualify for financial aid under one of these circumstances, please submit the recommended paperwork to the financial aid office for review.

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How to Apply

To enroll in the program, you must first be admitted to Radford University as either a degree-seeking or a non-degree seeking graduate student. Students already enrolled as degree-seeking graduate students at Radford University are eligible to enroll in the PBC in Crime Analysis program. Students who are interested in the PBC in Crime Analysis, but do not presently desire to seek a Master’s degree, must first complete an application to the Department of Criminal Justice graduate program as a non-degree seeking student. This application is available on-line at the College of Graduate and Professional Studies website.

Apply Now

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