Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in English Education

Teaching Language Arts in the Digital Age Certificate

Offered by: Radford University
Type: Certificates
Format: Online (asynchronous)

About the Program

The Certificate is intended for language arts teachers at all levels, especially middle and high school English teachers, and any teachers or prospective teachers who want to explore language arts in digital realms.  The Certificate offers:

1) fully online content delivery
2) all ENGL prefixed courses (18 hrs total, which satisfies most accrediting  requirements for dual enrollment or undergraduate teaching in a discipline as long as the teacher also holds at least a Master’s degree in any recognized discipline)
3) intense focus on digital literacy digital content and device interaction (3 screens and a cloud)
4) easy access for initial enrollment as non-degree seeking student but with the option to use some courses to satisfy elective requirements for the traditional M.A. or M.S. in English if desired
5) no sequential course prerequisites (students need not take the courses in a particular sequence)
6) emphases include writing, reading, and assessment, and with additional emphasis on diversity, controversial material in digital content, and electronic devices and interfaces in students’ lives and in classrooms.

Career Paths

Language Arts teachers and aspiring language arts teachers at all levels.

Courses & Requirements

Course Listing:

ENGL 601: Diversity in English Language Arts (3)
ENGL 652: Advanced Teaching Writing in a Digital Age (3)
ENGL 659: Digital Electronics in English Language Arts (3)
ENGL 622: Assessment in Digital and Online Language Arts (3)
ENGL 627: Content Challenges in Digital and Online Language Arts (3)
ENGL 625: Advanced Young Adult Literature in a Digital Age (3)

Cost & Financial Aid

Tuition information.

Non Degree Seeking Students

As a general rule, those who are admitted as a non-degree seeking student are not eligible for financial aid.  Federal regulations do require a student to be working towards a degree to be eligible to receive financial aid funds. There are two exceptions to this regulation, if you are enrolled in an initial required teacher certification program for the state in which you will teach, or if you are taking prerequisite coursework required for admission to a degree program at Radford University. If you think you may qualify for financial aid under one of these circumstances, please submit the recommended paperwork to the financial aid office for review.

Student Support

We know the path to higher education can be daunting, which is why we’re here to help.

As a student of the Roanoke Higher Education Center, you will have access to:

  • Library collections and services
  • Student Success Center
  • Career Center
  • Computer lab and student lounge
  • Cafe serving breakfast and lunch
  • Free parking with a student parking pass

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