1. Purpose; applicability. This policy applies to all users of the telecommunications, cable, computer and wireless networks, including the Internet, World Wide Web, Usenet, bulletin board systems, online systems, and telephone networks (Electronic Resources), of Roanoke Higher Education Center (RHEC) and is intended to ensure appropriate use of the Electronic Resources, including those within the Library and Computer Lab.
  2. General Prohibitions. Use of the Electronic Resources of RHEC for any of the following purposes is prohibited:
    • Accessing, downloading, printing or storing any information having sexually explicit content;
    • Downloading or transmitting fraudulent, threatening, obscene, intimidating, defamatory, harassing, discriminatory or otherwise unlawful messages or images;
    • Unauthorized copying of copyrighted or licensed software, data or other information.
  3. Library Regulations. The RHEC Library provides work station access to the Internet as an informational and educational resource. In addition to the policies established by paragraph 2 above, users of electronic resources of the Library shall comply with the following policies:
    • Electronic Resources shall be used for educational and informational purposes only.
    • Use of the Electronic Resources for playing of games, gambling, chatting or unethical or illegal purposes is prohibited.
    • Users of Electronic Resources shall not make unauthorized changes to the setup or configuration of the software or hardware or install personal software on Library-owned computers.
    • Users of Electronic Resources shall respect the privacy of others by not interfering with their use.
    • RHEC staff may impose restrictions, including time restrictions, on the use of Electronic Resources.
    • RHEC staff reserves the right to monitor the use of Library workstations to ensure compliance with this policy.
    • Use of the Electronic Resources is a privilege, and any violation of this policy may result in the violator being removed from the Library and in suspension or termination of Library privileges.
  4. Reporting. RHEC may report any and all violation of this policy to the appropriate authorities.
  5. Other policies. This policy is in addition to personnel policies and procedures applicable to Roanoke Higher Education Authority employees and the policy entitled “Use of the Internet and Electronic Communication Systems” applicable to Authority employees and member/tenants of the Center.