The Roanoke Higher Education Center is proud to offer a complimentary workshop designed to provide leaders and aspiring leaders with the foundational skills for inclusive leadership. Through an interactive learning environment, participants will have an opportunity to explore:

  • What is inclusive leadership and why it matters
  • Unconscious bias and behaviors that increase belonging
  • Communication skills that build trust

Why this workshop:

The biggest challenge leaders face today is growth – and they are expected to do so with an increasingly diverse set of customers, markets, ideas, and talent. Research proves time and again that organizations that win in the marketplace are those that are diverse and inclusive. But what does it take to unlock the potential of diverse teams? The underpinning of every truly diverse and inclusive organization is inclusive leadership.

Inclusive leaders can activate the need for an organization to be more diverse and inclusive and create an environment where diversity and inclusion can thrive.

This workshop aspires to enable participants to be more successful leaders and change agents for inclusion within their organizations.

Register to attend:

Sponsored by the American Electric Power Foundation.

For more information, contact Carla James at or call 540-767-6010.