Virginia Commonwealth University

The Department of Nurse Anesthesia is one of nine departments in the School of Allied Health Professions at Virginia Commonwealth University.   In 2009, the department extended its graduate program to the residents of Roanoke, Virginia and the surrounding areas.  All didactic hours of the current MSNA and DNAP program are delivered via two-way synchronous telecommunications technology to the Roanoke site Classroom located in the Roanoke Higher Education Center in Downtown Roanoke.

Students in Roanoke take classes simultaneously with the Richmond site students as well as with the Abingdon site and Northern Virginia students. Our didactic curriculum is presented via video conferencing technology enhanced with desktop sharing. This allows students and faculty in Roanoke to see, and speak with the students and faculty at other campuses live. Richmond based Faculty routinely travel to Roanoke to deliver lectures, meet with students, and to visit clinical affiliates. Additionally, dedicated clinical and teaching faculty in the Roanoke region deliver on-site lectures at the Roanoke Higher Education Center that are broadcast to the sister distance sites and the central Richmond campus.

Nurse Anesthesia Contact – Adam Eddy | Email | 804-828-1380

The Department of Gerontology is also one of the nine departments in the College of Health Professions at Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2016, the department developed a hybrid program offering at Roanoke Higher Education Center targeted to distance students in the Roanoke region who prefer to have some face-to-face mentorship, instruction, and advising. Students in our Master’s in Gerontology and Certificate in Aging Studies programs complete their courses online with the option to schedule face-to-face meetings with our department liaison that fit with the needs and preferences of each student. This membership also allows for distance students in the Roanoke region to take advantage of the resources available through the Roanoke Higher Education Center.

Gerontology Contact – Jennifer Pryor | Email | 804-828-1565

Resources Available to Students Enrolled via RHEC

As a student of VCU, you will have access to:

  • Library Services: Databases, Inter-library loan, Off-campus delivery to distance students
  • Division of Academic Success: requesting accommodations, study skills, tutoring, and other academic support
  • VCU Health Writing Center: Assistance with professional academic writing
  • Scholarships available to qualifying Master’s in Gerontology students
Since its inception in 2009, the Roanoke site has graduated 20 Nurse Anesthetists, all of whom remain practicing in and supporting the health and economy of the region.
The Department of Gerontology has successfully supported the growing number of distance students in the Roanoke region by supporting their unique needs for graduate education.