Virginia Tech

The Virginia Tech Roanoke Center and the Catawba Sustainability Center offer an array of educational degrees and provide professional development opportunities to meet the specialized needs of those who work and live in the Roanoke region. The centers serve as a gateway to the opportunities provided by one of Virginia’s most prominent institutions of higher education. Graduate degree offerings prepare individuals for jobs in school divisions, local government, and in the fields of engineering and business. Continuing and professional education courses offer up opportunities for citizens to upgrade skills in order to retain jobs or compete for new ones. The Catawba Sustainability Center is an agricultural outreach center located in Roanoke County and it serves as an outdoor classroom for faculty, students, farmers, and producers. Individuals can learn about sustainable methods of farming, attend a beekeeping workshop, or buy fresh produce at the Catawba Valley Farmers Market.

Resources Available to Students Enrolled via RHEC

The VT Roanoke Center celebrates an average of 70 graduates per year who complete master's, doctorate and certificate programs