Educational Opportunities at the Roanoke Higher Education Center

The Roanoke Higher Education Center is a collaborative project among multiple member institutions and agencies. The people of the Roanoke Valley, from high school age through retirement age, will be able to find programs that will give them a career start, a career boost, or a change in career direction. Whether through short-term training or the more lengthy pursuit of an advanced degree, individuals will have an opportunity to broaden their knowledge, skills, and interests in ways that will enrich their lives and the overall quality of life in the region.

For more information on a specific degree, class or certificate, please contact the school offering the program using the information below.


Partners in the Roanoke Higher Education Center    

Averett University (AU)
540-767-6040, Suite 508
Radford University (RU)
540-767-6190, Suite 510
Bluefield College (BC)
540-767-6050, Suite 809
Roanoke College (RC)
540-375-2323, Room 116
Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)
540-767-6035, Suite 116
TAP/This Valley Works (TAP)
540-767-6220, Suite 503
Hollins University (HOL)
540-362-6000, Room 502
University of Virginia (UVA)
540-767-6200, Suite 507
James Madison University (JMU)
540-767-6138, Suite 601
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)
540-767-6060, Suite 108/115
Mary Baldwin University (MBU)
540-767-6170, Suite 816
Virginia Tech (VT)
540-767-6100, Suite 701
Old Dominion University (ODU)
540-767-6180, Suite 617
Virginia Western Community College (VWCC)
540-857-7272, CMEC

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Doctorate Master's Degrees
Bachelor's Degrees Associate's Degrees
Teacher Certification/Licensure Other Learning Opportunities
Testing Preparation Certificates

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Community College Leadership (online) ODU
Educational Leadership (Ed.D) VT
Educational Leadership w/ licensure (online) ODU
Instructional Design and Technology (Ph.D) ODU
OTS- Career & Technical Education (online) ODU
OTS- Technology Education (online) ODU
Health & Human Services
Nursing- Advanced Practice (online) ODU
Nurse Anesthesia Practice (Entry to Practice)(DNAP) VCU
Post-Masters Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) VCU
Nursing- Nurse Executive (online) ODU
Nursing Practice & Executive (DNP) (Web-Based) RU
English (online w/residency) ODU


Master's Degrees

Business Administration AU, RU, VT
Business Administration (online) AU, ODU
Computer Science (online) ODU
Human Resources Management FIT
MBA with concentration in HR Management, Leadership or Marketing (online/face-to-face) AU
OTS- Business & Industry Training (online) ODU
Public Administration (online) ODU
Administration & Supervision (online) AU
Counselor Education VT
Curriculum & Instruction (online) AU, UVA
Education MBU
Education (Initial licensure, online) BC
Educational Leadership VT, JMU
Educational Leadership (K-12)(online) ODU
Educational Leadership (online) RU
Educational Technology JMU
Elementary Teacher PreK-6 w/ Licensure (online) ODU
Instructional Design and Technology (online) ODU
Literacy Education (Reading & Specialist) RU
Master of Arts in Physics Education (online) UVA
Master of Arts in Teaching HOL, MBU
Math Education JMU
Mathematics Specialist VT
Military Career Transition Program- Licensure (online) ODU
OTS- Career & Technical Educating Teaching (online) ODU
OTS- Community College Teaching (online) ODU
OTS- STEM Education (online) ODU
Reading Education (online) ODU
Reading Specialist VT, UVA
School Librarianship & Teaching License (online) ODU
School Librarianship (online) ODU
Secondary Education (6-12) w/ licensure (online) ODU
Special Education MBU
Special Education (online) AU, ODU
Special Education w/ Licensure (online) ODU
Special Education (General and Adapted, ECSE,
Hearing and Visual)
Teaching (K-12) HOL, MBU
Aerospace Engineering (online) VT, ODU
Chemical (synchronous online) UVA
Civil and Environmental (synchronous online) UVA
Civil (synchronous online) VT
Civil Infrastructure (synchronous online) VT
Electrical and Computing (synchronous online) UVA, VT, ODU
Engineering Management (online) ODU
Industrial & Systems Engineering (synchronous online) VT
Material Science & Engineering (synchronous online) UVA
Mechanical & Aerospace (synchronous online) UVA
Mechanical Engineering (online) ODU
Modeling & Simulation (online) ODU
Systems Engineering (online) ODU
Systems Engineering (synchronous online) UVA
Health & Human Services
Criminal Justice RU
Dental Hygiene (online) ODU
Gerontology VCU
Healthcare Management FIT
Nurse Anesthesia (MSNA) VCU
Nursing- Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist (online) ODU
Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner (online) ODU
Nursing- Nurse Midwifery (online) ODU
Public Health- Environmental (online) ODU
Public Health- Health Promotion & Education (online) ODU
Social Work RU
Speech Language Pathology JMU
Liberal Studies
Concentrations in Humanities, Leadership, Interdisciplinary Studies, Social Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts HOL
Children's Book Writing & Illustrating (MFA) HOL
Children's Literature (MA/MFA) HOL
Creative Writing (MFA) HOL
Dance (MFA) HOL
Playwriting (MFA) HOL
Screenwriting & Film Studies (MA/MFA) HOL
Sport Management (online) ODU


Bachelor's Degrees

Art Management MBU
Accounting (online) ODU
Business Administration AU
Business Administration (online) AU
Business, Emphasis in Accounting MBU
Business, Emphasis in Entrepreneurship MBU
Business, Emphasis in Human Resource Management MBU
Business, Emphasis in Management MBU
Business, Emphasis in Marketing MBU
Business, Emphasis in Sustainability MBU
Communication (online) ODU
E-Business and Entrepreneurship (online) BC
Finance (online) ODU
Management & Leadership (online) BC
Management (online) ODU
Marketing (online) ODU
Marketing and Communication. MBU
OTS- Marketing Education (online) ODU
OTS- Training Specialist (online) ODU
Early Childhood (non-licensure)(online) BC
Elementary Education (online) ODU
Interdisciplinary Studies w/ PK-6 Teacher Licensure RU
Liberal Arts & Educational Studies w/ PK-6 Teacher Licensure MBU
Special Education MBU
Special Education (online) ODU
Special Education- Early Childhood & Adapted Curriculum (online) ODU
Teacher Licensure (K-6, 6-8, 6-12) MBU
Health & Human Services
Criminal Justice MBU, AU
Criminal Justice (online) AU, ODU
Dental Hygiene (online) ODU
Health Care Administration MBU
Health Sciences Management (online) UVA, ODU
Health Sciences- Human Services Minor (online) ODU
Medical Technology (online) ODU
Nursing RU
Public Safety (online) BC
Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science
in Nursing (BSN) (online)
Social Work RU, MBC
English MBU
Social Sciences
History MBU
International Affairs MBU
Psychology MBU
Psychology (online) ODU
Sociology (online) AU
Sociology MBU
Bachelor of Applied Science- Leadership Concentration AU
Civil Engineering Technology (online) ODU
Computer Science (online) ODU
EET- Computer Engineering Technology (online) ODU
EET- Electrical Systems Technology (online) ODU
General Engineering Technology: Electromechanical (online) ODU
Individualized Studies (online) JMU
Information Systems & Tech. (online) ODU
Leadership (online) ODU
MET- Manufacturing Systems/ Mechanical System Design (online) ODU
MET- Nuclear Systems (online) ODU
OTS- Industrial Technology (online) ODU
OTS- Marketing Education (online) ODU
Professional Writing (online) ODU


Associate's Degrees

Business AU
Business (online) AU
Culinary Arts VWCC


Teacher Certification/Licensure

Alternative Licensure Courses MBU, UVA
Autism Spectrum JMU
Autism Spectrum Disorders (online) ODU
Educational Technology JMU
Elementary Education (Pre-K-6) HOL, MBU, RU
Elementary Education (Pre-K-6) Post Baccalaureate Endorsement ODU
English as a Second Language (Add-on) MBU
English as a Second Language (K-12) UVA, VT
Gifted Education K-12 (Add-On) JMU, MBU
Initial Licensure in Special Education MBC, RU
Library Media Specialist Program UVA
Math Education (Secondary) RU
Middle Education (6-8 licensure Program) MBU
Music and Special Learners (online) JMU
NETS*T Certification JMU
Online Teaching for K-12 Teachers (online) ODU
PBS Teacherline JMU
Post Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure HOL, MBU
Provisionally Licensed Coursework (Prof. Studies) RU
Reading Specialist (Post Masters) Certificate UVA
School Librarianship, K-12 (online) ODU
Secondary Education (6-12 Licensure Program) HOL, MBU
Secondary Education (6-12) Post Baccalaureate Endorsement (online) ODU
Special Education Courses (online) MBU, RU, UVA, ODU
Special Education Courses (videoconference & on-site delivery) RU
Teacher Recertification Courses HOL, JMU, MBU, RU, UVA
UVA to Gifted Education K-12 (add on) UVA


Other Learning Opportunities

A Toolkit for 21st Century Leaders (leadership certificate) VT
Certified Manager Certification JMU
Certified Financial Planner JMU
Certified Nursing Assistant TAP
Clinical Supervision in Virginia VT
Continuing Education / Conference Services RU, VT
Customized Business & Industry Training RU, VT, UVA
Customized Professional Learning for K-12 Education UVA
College Prep for English Language Learners VT
Foundations of Management Certificate JMU
Graduate Certificate in Local Government VT
Healthcare Courses JMU
Lean Six Sigma (Green & Black Belts) JMU
Lean Process Improvement (Green, Yellow & Black Belts) VT
Non-Credit Courses HOL, JMU, MBU, VT, RU, UVA
OSHA Safety Training VT
Paralegal Certificate JMU
Passport to Retirement JMU
PHRM Essentials of HR Management MBU
Project Management (online) JMU
Public Relations (online, non-credit) UVA
SHRM Essentials in HR Management JMU
Virginia Govt. & Finance Officers' Association Training RU
Water Quality Management VT


Testing Preparation

Certified Professional Secretary/Certified Administrative Professional (CPS/CAP) Review Course (online) VT
Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) Preparation JMU
Graduate Record Examinations Test (GRE) Preparation JMU
Law School Admission Test (LSAT) Preparation JMU
Project Management Professional Certification Test Preparation (PMP) VT
SSHRM PHR/SPHR Certification Preparation Course JMU
Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Preparation JMU



Adolescent Literacy UVA
Advanced Studies Certificate (Post Graduate) HOL
Baking and Pastry Career Certificate VWCC
Batten Leadership Institute's Executive Education in Leadership Certificate HOL
Children's Book Illustration HOL
Comprehensive Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders (Graduate Level) MBU
CAOHC- Occupational Hearing Conservation Technician Certificate VT
Culinary Arts Career Certificate VWCC
Customer Service Certificate TAP
Educational Leadership JMU
Elementary & Secondary Education HOL
Environmental Engineering VT
Health Care Management MBU
Local Government Management (Graduate Level) VT
Long Term Care Administration MBU
NCCER Construction Certification TAP
New Play Directing HOL
New Play Performance HOL
Nurse Aid (leading to CNA) TAP
Pre-Apprentice Certification in Construction Trades, Plumbing, Electrical TAP
Professional Leadership HOL
Post Baccalaureate Certificates
Appalachian Studies (Hybrid, Online) RU
Autism Spectrum Disorders Certification (Post Baccalaureate)(online) RU
Mathematics Education (Post Baccalaureate) RU
Crime Analysis Certificate (Hybrid, Online Format) RU
Online Certificates
Accounting (Undergraduate) UVA
Advanced Engineering- Cyber Systems Security ODU
Advanced Engineering- Engineering Management ODU
Civil Infrastructure Systems VT
Coastal Engineering (CECP) ODU
Cyber Security ODU
Cyber Security Management (Graduate) UVA
Educational Technology JMU
E-Marketing (Graduate) UVA
Entrepreneurship MBU
Environmental Engineering VT
Federal Acquisition (Undergraduate) UVA
Global Health ODU
Higher Education Assessment Specialist JMU
Human Resource Management MBU
Human Resources Management (Undergraduate) UVA
Information Technology (Undergraduate/Post-Baccalaureate) UVA
Leadership (Graduate) UVA
Leadership in Human Resource Management (Graduate) UVA
Maritime, Ports & Logistics Management ODU
Marketing Communication (online) MBU
Modeling & Simulation Engineering ODU
Procurement & Contracts Management (Undergraduate & Graduate) UVA
Project Management ODU
Project Management (Graduate) UVA
Psychometrics ODU
Public Administration (Graduate) UVA
Public Procurement & Contract Management ODU
Small Business & Entrepreneurship BC
Sustainable Business Management MBU
Traffic Control and Operations VT
Transportation Systems Engineering VT
Treatment Process Engineering VT
Urban Hydrology and Stormwater Management VT
Water Quality Management VT